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Alejandro and Rosalia began their career together as the choreographic directors and official dancers for “El Arrabal”, the main tango venue in Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city. There they created the “Ballet Tango Nuestro” [Our Tango Ballet], which earned them first prize for the premier National Tango Contest of Argentinian Universities. There they were chosen as the official dancers for the best orchestras of the province of Cordoba: Orquesta del Maestro Jorge Arduh, Nuevo Quinteto Tango, and Orquesta Remembranzas. Recognition of their skills as dancers was not limited to their home province, and in fact followed them around the country: The couple represented the province of Córdoba in the “1st Festival Patagónico Internacional de Tango” in San Carlos de Bariloche where they performed together with Adriana Varela, Maria Graña, Orquesta El Arranque and others. In the province of La Rioja they performed an homage to the President of Argentina, Carlos Saúl Menem.. In 2004 they were selected to dance with the Mora Godoy dance company of Buenos Aires and performed in the critically-aclaimed “Tanguera,” the renowned musical directed by Mora Godoy. In 2005 they were hired for the show “Sabor a Tango” and become the oficial dance couple for the famous“Esquina Homero Manzi” on the corner of San Juan and Boedo. In March 2006, they were sent to Spain as the sole representatives of Argentina in the 18 Festival de Tango in Granada. There they were joined by artists such as Horacio Ferrer, Leo Sujatovich and the singer Estrella Morente. During the same trip they participated in the 3rd Festival Internacional de Tango en Almería, Spain and the 2nd Festival de Tango in La Ciudad de Sagunto, also in Spain, again performing on the same stage with such artists as Horacio Ferrer, Susana Rinaldi and Leo Sujatovich. In April 2006 Rosalía and Alejandro traveled to México City to participate with the singer Javier Calamaro in the Festival Cultural Zacatecas 2006. In the Dominican Republic they inaugurated the Argentine pavillion during the IX Feria Internacional del Libro in the city of Santo Domingo during the year that Argentina was the honored country. Since 2006 these tango stars have been the official dancers for the prestigious Abasto Plaza Hotel. Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos are professional tango performers, instructors, and choreographers, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. . Their love and passion for the culture, music, and poetry of tango shines through at every moment. In 2008 they were summoned by the "Opera House” of the “Colón Theatre” to join the cast of "Maria de Buenos Aires” opera by Horacio Ferrer and Piazzola. In 2009, they choreographed and organized their own tango show “Fever Tango”, and took more than 14 dancers and a complete tango orchestra on tour in Korea with great success. In 2010 and 2011 they alternated shows along with his company at prestigious hotels, halls and venues of the Federal Capital inside and outside the country. They worked in Montevideo , Uruguay with their company in the “Homenaje a La Cumparsita”. Making their performance in the prestigious Teatro Solis in the company of the “Orquesta Matos Rodrigues”. Since the beginning of 2012 they have been traveling through all Asia and Unites States of America. Now days they continue to perform on several stages in Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina, and all over the world.

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